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The International QRM Community is an initiative of the QRM Institute and serves as a platform where experts, practitioners, and individuals interested in the QRM methodology come together to exchange knowledge and experiences.

What can you expect?

1. A truly connected 24/7 community.

The community will provide opportunities for both face-to-face and online interactions, ensuring a constant connection with the rest of the community at all times.

2. A global community divided in local communities

The strength of local communities fosters a global community where QRM lives and evolves.

3. Joining the community has never been so easy

You just have to pre-register by filling out the form below. It’s free to join!

The International QRM Community is the meeting point, both in person and virtually. This community is organized into local groups and an international global group, which brings together all the local groups. The local communities and the global community will regularly host in-person events. Additionally, we will have a virtual forum for continuous discussions about QRM, available 24/7. In essence, it is the place where QRM thrives and evolves

User FAQ

Is there any cost associated with registering in the Community?

The QRM Community operates as a non-profit activity. We will share the costs for the venue and meals during the events. However, the event itself organized by the QRM Institute does not have a direct cost. Please note that your expenses, such as travel and accommodation, will be covered by each individual member.

What is the duration of the meetings?

The Global meeting will span two days. We will gather on the first day at 13:00, allowing ample time for all participants to arrive at the meeting location without rushing. The first day will consist of an afternoon session, followed by a morning session on the second day that will conclude after lunch. In the afternoon, participants will return home.

Local meetings will have either a half-day or full-day format, depending on the program.

What can one expect from local meetings? What topics are discussed?

The format of local meetings may vary. We will have masterclasses, expert sessions, coffee breaks with sufficient time for relaxed discussions, and even the opportunity to share success stories among participants. Remember, participation is all about sharing!

How frequently do the local and global groups meet?

The Global Meeting takes place once a year, bringing together members from all local communities. Local groups typically meet three times a year.

Where do local groups meet?

The Global Annual Meeting is hosted in a different global location each year. Similarly, local meetings will be itinerant, taking place in various locations.

Is there a difference in the discussions between global and local meetings?

In reality, there is no difference. During global meetups, you will have the opportunity to connect with individuals from all around the world and gain insights into the challenges they face in diverse cultural situations.

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