By Team 4Results, Poland

4Results is a Polish consulting and training company founded in 2005. The headquarters is situated in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The company has completed over 500 projects with 200 clients, led by over 50 specialists, consultants and trainers.

Selected clients: Philips, Samsung, Hochland, Bonduelle, Nestle, Danone, Gillette, P&G, Generali and Lafarge.
Areas of specialization:
  • Quick Response Manufacturing
  • Operational excellence in production and logistics
  • Efficiency improvement programs
  • Operational excellence in services
  • Operational excellence in production and logistics
  • Sales and customer experience
  • Leadership and Personal Skills
  • Training for executive management, top managers, middle-level managers, HR managers and teams.
Since 2019 the company has been initiating the “4Inspire” club, which is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience for 4Results clients.
We’re a group of people who care about solving companies’ problems: we open the way for further development, change the way they operate, and then implement strategies.
We have extensive knowledge of tools to support the restructuring, improvement and optimization of enterprises. However, the most important thing is how we approach challenges – we fight for results right to the end, and we achieve them through rational measures combined with respect for the entire organization. 4Results is more than a consulting company – it’s a trusted partner.

Where we are heading: We want to create a unique environment of people; our employees and clients who are passionate about management. We acquire knowledge and good practices, in order to share them with those around us. 4Results is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Our mission: We’re explorers, and our real passion is human development. That’s why we partner with our clients in implementing solutions that turn companies into BETTER places. We’re a company that’s leading at designing and implementing solutions – 4Results is all about inspiration, implementation and results – for people who want MORE.

Long-term vision of development: We’re here to question the status quo of companies and management methods. We don’t know what we’ll be doing in 10 years’ time, as the world’s too fluid and dynamic to stick rigidly to the same solutions. Although we know that we want to carry on supporting leaders in day-to-day management and building healthy organizations.

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