Introducing member… QRM Institute Barcelona

By Sergi Mussons, General Manager of QRM Institute Barcelona – Spain

QRM Institute Barcelona is the official centre for the dissemination of agile operation strategies and Quick Response Manufacturing in Spain. It is also one of the proud founding members of the European QRM Institute network. QRM Institute consists of a group of professionals, experts in industrial operations, who specialize in setting-up agile organizations and high performance teams.

QRM Institute services

Our main activities are:

  • Consulting in industrial operations specialized in Quick Response Manufacturing and Agile, although equipped to using other strategies if necessary
  • HR Consulting
  • Specialized training for technicians, engineers and industrial managers
  • Selection of technicians, engineers and industrial managers
Benefits our services bring to your company
  1. 360-degree view: consulting, training and selection
  2. We focus on training as a consultancy, helping each company prepare their action plan
  3. We have the INCO-I tool (Index of Industrial Competitiveness) and the InTalent tool, developed by QRMI, to help you to define the best operational-  and the best organizational improvement strategy 
  4. Multi-sectoral experience
  5. Focus on increasing the competitiveness of the company
  6. We work with a global business vision, always bearing in mind the necessary skills to sort out specific problems or deficiencies at local level
  7. Consulting and training provides us with a wide network of contacts, and enables us to detect the companies’ needs and find the best candidates
Operations consulting service

Our usual procedure is as follows:

  1. Definition of the best operational strategy (Lean or QRM) and the best management approach, with the support of our own tools such as INCO-I and InTalent
  2. Definition of the work plan, either in adapted production environments, in regular demand environments (Lean Manufacturing). Or either with Quick Response Manufacturing in organizations where flexibility is the focus of its operational strategy and where the demand is chaotic and/or unknown
  3. A special incidence in the improvement and the involvement of the teams.
  4. Creating high performance teams
The QRM Institute Barcelona Tools

The QRM Institute Barcelona team has developed three advanced tools to make the evaluation of the current situation more easy and defining the right strategy in order to improve it.

InTalent profile tool

QRM Institute Barcelona has created the InTalent profile platform, and its objective is to provide a tool that assesses the knowledge and skills of engineers working in industrial environments objectively.
It allows the engineers to know their role and ideal area of responsibility: leadership style, team players or not, knowledge, competencies and implication.

InTalent organizations tool

QRM Institute has created the InTalent organizations platform. Its objective is to provide a tool that objectively assesses if your organization is focused on the right things and on the right practices. It also provides the appropriate climate in order to allow the personal and professional growth of your teams. Such as: ethics, clarity, professionalism, completeness, trust environment, customer focus, self-management, etc.

It allows companies to develop healthy policies in order improve their teams results, and to attract and keep the best professionals.

Read more about QRM Institute Barcelona or sign up for the upcoming QRM Silver Program in Spain ...

INCO-I tool

The INCO-I tool is a system created for QRM Institute Barcelona, in order to provide industrial companies with a solid strategic foundation. For them to design and execute an operational improvement plan that is perfectly aligned with the business plan.

The methodology consists of only two sessions of 2 hours each.

Due to this tool, your company will easily understand its winning factors and qualifying factors: cost, quality, service and flexibility.

Additionally, it will become fully apparent which operational methodology will fit your company better: Lean? QRM?

Training service

QRM Institute specializes in training for industrial managers, engineers and technicians.

We have standardized programs and provide customized training, tailored to each unique company. Mostly focused on QRM, continuous improvement training, leadership and soft skills.

We design and provide online, face-to-face and in-company training programs.

Our main standard programs:

  • QRM Institute Silver Program: In-class QRM training in order to implement QRM in your company correctly
  • QRM Institute Bronze Program: Online QRM training in order to implement QRM in your company correctly
  • Agile Project Management: Agile, Kanban and Scrum training for the project leaders
  • Production leaders: continuous improvement and leadership tools for the production managers and other professionals
  • Maintenance leaders: continuous improvement and leadership tools for the maintenance managers and other professionals
  • Engaged Teams Leadership: strategies to improve the involvement of your teams and the attraction of the best talent
PROACH, the aim of QRM Institute

In 2018 QRM Institute Barcelona created a new division called Proach, which specializes in HR consultancy and selection services. The QRM methodology has a lot to do with the improvement of the soft skills (trust, self-management, poly-valence, etc.), so the support of the Proach team to the QRM projects is key in achieving the best results.

HR consulting service

Advice and support in defining and improving the organizational structure, people management and the development of their competences.

The most common services are:

  • Organizational design and creation of high-performance teams

  • Coaching for transformation and change

  • Creation of high-involvement environments

  • Professional profile, DISC, In-talent, graphology, etc

  • Alignment and customer focus

  • Other services

Selection Service

We are specialized in the following profiles within the industrial sector:

  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Executives
  • Management

  • HR

  • Occupational risks prevention

  • IT

  • Sales

  • Logistics Staff

  • Management personnel

  • Research and development

  • Procurement staff