Introducing member… Quick Response Enterprise

By Dominique Andreux, Quick Response Enterprise – France
Quick Response Enterprise is a consulting organization located in Lyon, France. We help companies grow in fast-moving and volatile environments, by implementing Quick Response solutions, and focus on engaging people in agile – a collaborative and sustainable way of working.
Who are we?

We are a network of experienced entrepreneurs who together form this close-knit team. After holding leadership roles in various major companies, it is second nature to us to operate in rapidly changing environments and share common values. With the main objective to spread QRM in French speaking countries and to serve companies with a local presence.

Each of our associates and partners are familiar and equipped to working at each and every organizational level within the company. From General Managers to members of the Management Committee, as well as in all operational functions.

Quick Response Enterprise is a founding member of the QRM Institute.

Photo: The Quick Response Enterprise Team

Quick Response Enterprise starts a new growth phase in 2019 !

Why the Quick Response Enterprise?

In addition to the methods that have been proven, we believe in ‘people over process’ and bringing people closer together. In order to work and collaborate better together. Simplifying the way organizations operate and keep the flow moving. We assist the teams to become more agile and more reactive when operating in environments with high variability (so-called mass customization). Energized with the mindset of ‘nothing ever stops an order / a project’.

Together with your team we create a collaborative dynamic and build customized solutions to meet both the complex strategic challenges you are facing, as well as the daily operational difficulties. Furthermore, we help managers in becoming agile leaders and develop strong ownership skills.

Our spectrum of operational experience allows us to co-build and implement bespoke solutions together with your team, in all areas of the operation. The areas where you have detected the need to boost the performance, improve the manufacturing, supply chain, quality, project management, purchasing and innovation. Above all, improving the overall work fulfillment.

Proof by results

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